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The sources are signed with Thomas’ GPG key, fingerprint D021 FF8E CF4B E097 19D6 1A27 231C 4CBC 60D5 CAFE. Older releases use the outdated key with fingerprint 7236 3885 A742 B736 E0C8 9721 9B4C 52BC D446 D524.

Current Release

Please see the the files section

for current and past downloads including release notes etc. Sourceforge is providing a number of download mirrors to ensure the best availability. Please let´s use this kind service.

Local Fallback

mpg123 1.32.6 (signature)

Win32 and Win64 binaries

You Windows folks are lucky since version 1.6.0: Patrick and JonY are providing binaries binaries regulary, see download/win32/1.32.6/ for 32 bit Windows and download/win64/1.32.6/ for 64 bit. Keys used for signing are JonY's GPG key (updated March 2015) and at some point also Patrick's.

Developer Version

Development happens in the subversion repository on


You can also browse it via the ViewVC web interface. You can get snapshots from both places.

A nightly tarball with the the autotool stuff prepared is at Also, there is a daily dump of the subversion repository (SHA512 checksum) in case I vanish for some reason and someone wants a jumpstart to continue.

You can get the main development branch (trunk) via git, too. There is a checkout via git-svn that you can access on this server. It is updated automatically with each commit. An initial checkout is rather time-consuming, as this is just the web server serving the git repo files. It is neat that this works, but it's slow. You can access the github mirror by Maarten instead. You might even open a pull request on that one, which shall notify the mpg123-devel list. Development still happens in svn, as it does serve its purpose well. Let's keep some diversity in the world, shall we?

Archived Downloads

Old downloads as well as gzipped variants of the bzipped tarballs are to be found either on the files section or in the local download directory.

Historic downloads from Michael´s site

The old mpg123 versions contain various problems including security vulnerabilities. That doesn't mean that mpg123 is insecure and bad, this is just a result of aging code that lacks active maintainership.
So please use these downloads with care and check the news section for known issues.

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